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22 Sep, 2008

World map: the scarcity of water

Posted by: Skylar In: water

In an article by the Economist, they discuss the current shortage of water throughout the globe.  According to the article, Farming, which accounts for some 70% of human water consumption, offers the best opportunity for thrift. Repairing leaks and better irrigation in poor countries could help reduce wastage by up to 70%, as could switching [...]

19 Sep, 2008

Bottled Water – Editorial from the Record

Posted by: Skylar In: water

Only a few days ago, the Region of Waterloo agreed to ban the sale of bottled water in their buildings and at their events.  Now, I know that there was some people who didn’t like the idea.  Sure – why shouldn’t we be allowed to decide where we buy our drinking water?  Well, unfortunately people [...]

15 Sep, 2008

An Alternative for Fresh Water: Natural Desalination

Posted by: Skylar In: water

Charles Paton has created a design for a desalination greenhouse is entitled “Teatro del Agua”.  It’s a design that will be presented as an option for desalination in Spain’s Canary Islands. The process uses the temperature differential between the deep, cold seawater from the ocean and the warm air off the surface to produce freshwater [...]

14 Sep, 2008

Ron Rivera

Posted by: Skylar In: water

The Water Wired blog posted an article about the death of 60 year old Ron Rivera.  Ron Rivera worked for Potters for Peace, teaching locals how to create ceramic pots that would help purify drinking water: The pots, with their small pores and silver lining, would eliminate such pathogens as E. coli, giardia, and cryptospiridium. They [...]

10 Sep, 2008


Posted by: Skylar In: water

Today I stubled across a website for an organization called “charity:water”.  I’ve been quite impressed with the website itself.  The pictures and videos that have been collected from various projects are very well done. charity: water is a non profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations. We give 100% of [...]

09 Sep, 2008

Region of Waterloo to Ban Bottled Water

Posted by: Skylar In: water

According to the Record: Waterloo regional council voted 13-0 today to ban bottled water from regional buildings and events, in a bid to promote tap water. In my opinion, it’s a good move.  I’m not a fan of bottled water. Not just because of the environmental impacts, but also because it’s a waste of money. [...]

29 Aug, 2008

Water Corruption in South Africa

Posted by: Skylar In: water

I’ve always been interested in civil engineering throughout the world, and how location changes the requirements and the challenges in engineering practice.  Unfortunately, it’s not always just challenges caused by the natural environment  that a civil engineer encounters.  Lately, I’ve been learning that a large portion of civil engineering involves business relationships with the public [...]

26 Aug, 2008

Windsor and Water Bottles

Posted by: Skylar In: water

The Windsor Star printed an article about the large consumption of bottled water in the city.  The article makes a few good points about water consumption and water bottles. First of all, the consumption of bottled water causes a large mass of pollution when compared to a municipal source.  Consider the fuel to transport the [...]


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