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03 Dec, 2008

Water Supply Tunnels to New York City

Posted by: Skylar In: water

I just finished reading an interesting post from Pruned entitled “Deep-Sea Living in the Underground Tunnels of New York City”.  The post is inspired by a recent New York Times article describing a leak in one of the tunnels that brings water to New York City.  It’s an interesting read to say the least, particularly [...]

23 Oct, 2008

Another Blog Post About the Economy

Posted by: Skylar In: news

So I was browsing around the Engineering News Record, and I found an article entitled “Construction Unemployment Soars As Housing Plunges”.  The article is touting an increase in unemployment within the construction industry.  In fact, it claims that the unemployment rate increased to 9.9% in September, up from last year’s rate of 5.8% (note that [...]

29 Aug, 2008

Beach Nourishment

Posted by: Skylar In: news

According to an article from popular mechanics, the US Corps of Engineers is responsible for repairing and maintainging the erosion along the country’s coastlines.  Apparently one of the common erosion control measures is pumping truckloads of additional sand & sediments to replace eroded shorelines. It’s interesting to see a method like this used on such [...]


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