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12 Mar, 2009

The TVA Ash Spill Aftermath

Posted by: Skylar In: news

If you’ve been reading the past postings here, you’ll know about the TVA ash spill incident a couple month’s back.  Well, there’s been a lot going on since then, as the Engineering-News Record reports: TVA says it will likely switch from wet to dry storage at all its coal plants and sell all qualifying ash [...]

09 Jan, 2009

TVA Q&A on Sludge Spill

Posted by: Skylar In: internet coverage|news

Knoxnews has a Q&A page on the TVA sludge spill, along with the option of asking a question of your own.  Want to hear some answers? Visit for the full Q&A.

31 Dec, 2008

TVA Ash Spill – Update

Posted by: Skylar In: news|Stormwater

In the past couple of days, the spill from the TVA plant has been gaining a lot more publicity.  This is thanks in part to two lawsuits that have been filed against the TVA.  The first suit is by a local landowner claiming $165 Million in damages to a nearby subdivision.  The second suit was [...]


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