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24 Mar, 2009

TTC Daily Traffic Visualized

Posted by: Skylar In: transportation

Just saw a few really interesting videos via the Torontoist. I’ll embed one of them here for simplicity’s sake, but you can visit the original post to see more. This is a great way to visualize how traffic is greatly unbalanced throughout the day. Great video – many thanks to the creators! (watch this in [...]

26 Feb, 2009

Watermain Breaks: Causes, Places, and Twitter

Posted by: Skylar In: water

One of my newest rss feeds is a twitter search for the term “watermain”.  Originally I had high hopes for this search.  I expected tips in design, some current infrastructure project updates, and all that fun stuff.  What I got was a continual update on watermain breaks throughout twitter’s domain.  “No water. Main broke on [...]

05 Nov, 2008

Is Toronto Secretly an Eco-Friendly City?

Posted by: Skylar In: news

According to a recent article from, Toronto ranks in as number two in their list of “Under-the-Radar Cities Worth a Visit”.  I just drove/walked through various spots throughout Toronto this past weekend, and let’s just say it doesn’t give off that “eco-friendly” vibe while simply touring around. Nonetheless, there is some merit to what [...]


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