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04 Apr, 2009

Barrel Relining via Sustainable Stormwater

Posted by: Skylar In: Stormwater

A great post was recently featured over at Sustainable Stormwater Management about relining a CSP culvert with a new HDPE liner.  The winning feature is the pictures that the author adds on the end.  Who doesn’t enjoy construction photos? Okay, what civil engineer doesn’t enjoy construction photos? [SWM Facility Embankment Repair - Barrel Relining]

29 Sep, 2008

LID – Low-Impact Development

Posted by: Skylar In: Stormwater

Low-impact development is an approach to stormwater management where the watershed under post-development conditions is made as close as possible to the pre-development properties.  This requires the stormwater design to include various methods that manage stormwater quantity and quality in a natural manner.  In their article “Understanding LID”, talks about the common errors in [...]

05 Aug, 2008

Katrina a failure of civil engineering

Posted by: Skylar In: Uncategorized

City Journal recently posted an article on the true reasons for the catastrophe of Hurricane Katrina. The author argues that the problems in New Orleans occurred due to poorly designed and maintained infrastructure. It’s an interesting point, and something that should be a warning to anyone who works in the field of stormwater management. Katrina’s [...]


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