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27 Jan, 2009

EPA: Low Impact Development Video

Posted by: Skylar In: Stormwater

The EPA has posted a video demonstrating some of the techniques used in low impact development (LID) to reduce stormwater runoff.  Included in the video are: rain gardens, green roofs, and rain barrels. It seems that the video is targetted more towards the general population than engineers and designers.   Nonetheless, I found some points interesting [...]

A recent post from the L.A. Creek Freak led me to one very interesting resource for up-and-coming stormwater management practices: Rainwater as a Resource. Rainwater as a Resource is a report developed by “TreePeople”, a non-profit group from L.A. dedicated to sustainable development.  The report focuses on 3 sites that were chosen as pilot programs [...]

A Danish company called BioKube is gearing up to introduce their wastewater recycling septic tank to the United States.  The septic system measures about 4 feet in diameter by 6 feet tall, and according to BioKube, the system can treat both gray and black water from a residential home. [Space Age Septic Tank Will Water [...]

10 Oct, 2008

Straw Bale Homes in Ontario

Posted by: Skylar In: buildings

Here in Ontario, there’s been a bit of a buzz forming around straw bale homes.  Yes, that’s right – homes that are built out of straw.  However, unlike in the fairy-tale stories where straw houses blow away, these homes are built to last, and built to be very eco-friendly. According to a recent article from [...]

It’s no secret that I like the Dutch.  However, it’s not just because I was born of a rich Dutch ancestry.  The Dutch are continually impressing me with stories about what they can do with water.  In fact, thanks to their ingenuity with dikes, canals, and the like, about 60% of Holland’s population lives below [...]

I just finished reading an interesting article over at, which covers two projects that are dedicated to the improvement of stormwater quality in Los Angeles County. The first project uses the area below a recreational park to collect and infiltrate water, which maintains water quality while recharging the local groundwater: At the northern, upstream [...]


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