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It’s no secret that I like the Dutch.  However, it’s not just because I was born of a rich Dutch ancestry.  The Dutch are continually impressing me with stories about what they can do with water.  In fact, thanks to their ingenuity with dikes, canals, and the like, about 60% of Holland’s population lives below [...]

29 Sep, 2008

LID – Low-Impact Development

Posted by: Skylar In: Stormwater

Low-impact development is an approach to stormwater management where the watershed under post-development conditions is made as close as possible to the pre-development properties.  This requires the stormwater design to include various methods that manage stormwater quantity and quality in a natural manner.  In their article “Understanding LID”, talks about the common errors in [...]

15 Sep, 2008

An Alternative for Fresh Water: Natural Desalination

Posted by: Skylar In: water

Charles Paton has created a design for a desalination greenhouse is entitled “Teatro del Agua”.  It’s a design that will be presented as an option for desalination in Spain’s Canary Islands. The process uses the temperature differential between the deep, cold seawater from the ocean and the warm air off the surface to produce freshwater [...]

15 Aug, 2008

Hot Mix Asphalt and Air Pollution

Posted by: Skylar In: general

An interesting article at ecofuss has piqued my interest in air pollution and hot mix asphalt. According to the article “Green Asphalt and Concrete: Eco Friendly Streets”, Earlier this year, the Matter Network discusses how laying asphalt while it is cool instead of hot can save 7 times as much energy during the process. With [...]


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