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06 Apr, 2009

New blogroll and links page

Posted by: Skylar In: internet coverage|Stormwater|water

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I planned on adding some links and blogs to my site.  I’ve compiled a list that is in no way complete, but I think it’s a great starting point.  I’m going to introduce the list over a period of time to lighten the load and allow people time [...]

04 Apr, 2009

Barrel Relining via Sustainable Stormwater

Posted by: Skylar In: Stormwater

A great post was recently featured over at Sustainable Stormwater Management about relining a CSP culvert with a new HDPE liner.  The winning feature is the pictures that the author adds on the end.  Who doesn’t enjoy construction photos? Okay, what civil engineer doesn’t enjoy construction photos? [SWM Facility Embankment Repair - Barrel Relining]

So, it seems like I jumped the gun by saying I could only add up to 15 results through the yahoo pipe.  A quick look at the comments on the original post about this yahoo pipe shows that there’s an argument in the twitter search api allowing you to specify the amount of tweets to [...]

27 Jan, 2009

EPA: Low Impact Development Video

Posted by: Skylar In: Stormwater

The EPA has posted a video demonstrating some of the techniques used in low impact development (LID) to reduce stormwater runoff.  Included in the video are: rain gardens, green roofs, and rain barrels. It seems that the video is targetted more towards the general population than engineers and designers.   Nonetheless, I found some points interesting [...]

09 Jan, 2009

TVA Q&A on Sludge Spill

Posted by: Skylar In: internet coverage|news

Knoxnews has a Q&A page on the TVA sludge spill, along with the option of asking a question of your own.  Want to hear some answers? Visit for the full Q&A.

08 Jan, 2009

Lawsuit for $1.4 Million?

Posted by: Skylar In: news|Stormwater

Update: I have been informed that the original article about this lawsuit contains some inaccurate information, namely the businesses involved in the lawsuit.  I have removed this link, and I apologize for any false information originally submitted in this article.

29 Dec, 2008

TVA Ash Storage Pond Breaches

Posted by: Skylar In: news|Stormwater

On Monday, December 22, 2008 a retention pond at a steam plant in Tenessee was broken.  Surrounding roads and lands were flooded and ruined.  The good news is that there have been no injuries reported to date.  The Knoxville News Sentinel has posted an intriguing video of the aftermath: The worst part of the whole [...]

If you haven’t heard about the new (ish) stormwater extensions for Civil3d, I’d recommend heading over to this page to download them and take a look.  While I have not had a chance to run through the extensions’ functionality personally, a recent post over at covers some of the basics of rainfall data and [...]

A recent post from the L.A. Creek Freak led me to one very interesting resource for up-and-coming stormwater management practices: Rainwater as a Resource. Rainwater as a Resource is a report developed by “TreePeople”, a non-profit group from L.A. dedicated to sustainable development.  The report focuses on 3 sites that were chosen as pilot programs [...]

1.0 Intro: When I first found out that AutoCAD was adding a catchment delineation tool to Civil 3D, I was pretty excited. In fact, this tool was one of the reasons why I thought it’d be a good idea to create my AutoCAD to EPA-SWMM script. If you don’t know where to find the catchment [...]


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