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01 Jul, 2009

“Unknown Lifeform” from North Carolina Sewer

Posted by: Skylar In: sewers

I found this via Digg today:  Sewer Cam Uncovers a Mysterious Creature Now, even with my limited experiences looking at sewer camera inspections, I’ve seen some odd and disgusting stuff. But this one would certainly top the list. Obviously, this is not a video to watch while eating. Looking at a few comments, it sounds [...]

22 Sep, 2008

OGCA Urges Focus on Roads and Sewers

Posted by: Skylar In: news

According to the Daily Commercial News, the Ontario General Contractors Association president (OGCA) Clive Thurston claimed that the Ontario government needs to expand it’s spending to include more road and sewer projects. According to the article, “Recent efforts have focused mainly on the health sector, hospitals in particular,” he told the provincial government’s standing committee [...]


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