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A short while ago, I posted about “Wintopo”, discussing how well it converts an image to a vector file for use in AutoCAD.  Since I was getting mixed results (particularly for more complex plans), I thought I’d do a little comparison between two different programs to see if I could get some more usable results. [...]

31 Oct, 2008

Speeding Up Civil3D

Posted by: Skylar In: Civil3d|technology

I’ve recently been using a slightly older laptop at work for various small tasks in civil 3d, and I’ve come to respect the benefits of a faster computer system.  Every time I try to change viewports or layout tabs, it takes at least double the time it would take on my former desktop computer.  However, [...]

1.0 Intro: When I first found out that AutoCAD was adding a catchment delineation tool to Civil 3D, I was pretty excited. In fact, this tool was one of the reasons why I thought it’d be a good idea to create my AutoCAD to EPA-SWMM script. If you don’t know where to find the catchment [...]

01 Oct, 2008

Using WinTopo to Vectorize Drawings

Posted by: Skylar In: technology

How many times have you been sent a drawing in print only to find out that an AutoCAD version is not available?  If your experience has been anything like mine, it happens all the time.  Sometimes the drawing was created before the AutoCAD era, and sometimes it was just sent by another consulting firm which [...]

09 Sep, 2008

New vba script: Autocad2EPA-SWMM

Posted by: Skylar In: Stormwater

Though I haven’t seen EPA-SWMM used extensively up here in Ontario, I was required to learn a bit of the program during my undergraduate studies. The first thing I noticed was how tedious it was to have to draw all the subcatchments freehand, and then to enter all the areas, widths, slopes, etc manually. All [...]


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