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11 Sep, 2008

Asphalt as an energy producer

Posted by: Skylar In: pavement

A while ago, I came across an article that made me realize the environmental impacts of hot mix asphalt.  Now, researchers from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute are looking into a way to make an old technology more eco-friendly. Everyone knows how hot asphalt can get sitting out in the sun all day.  Why not harness [...]

15 Aug, 2008

Hot Mix Asphalt and Air Pollution

Posted by: Skylar In: general

An interesting article at ecofuss has piqued my interest in air pollution and hot mix asphalt. According to the article “Green Asphalt and Concrete: Eco Friendly Streets”, Earlier this year, the Matter Network discusses how laying asphalt while it is cool instead of hot can save 7 times as much energy during the process. With [...]


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