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06 Apr, 2009

New blogroll and links page

Posted by: Skylar In: internet coverage|Stormwater|water

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I planned on adding some links and blogs to my site.  I’ve compiled a list that is in no way complete, but I think it’s a great starting point.  I’m going to introduce the list over a period of time to lighten the load and allow people time [...]

So, it seems like I jumped the gun by saying I could only add up to 15 results through the yahoo pipe.  A quick look at the comments on the original post about this yahoo pipe shows that there’s an argument in the twitter search api allowing you to specify the amount of tweets to [...]

22 Mar, 2009

Watermain Breaks Mapped via Twitter

Posted by: Skylar In: internet coverage|water

Pam Broviak recently commented on my original watermain + twitter post from a few days ago, asking if it’s possible to actually map out all the tweets about watermain breaks.  Well, yes it is possible.  And it’s actually quite easy, once I found a Yahoo! Pipe that automatically builds a google map out of a [...]

26 Feb, 2009

Watermain Breaks: Causes, Places, and Twitter

Posted by: Skylar In: water

One of my newest rss feeds is a twitter search for the term “watermain”.  Originally I had high hopes for this search.  I expected tips in design, some current infrastructure project updates, and all that fun stuff.  What I got was a continual update on watermain breaks throughout twitter’s domain.  “No water. Main broke on [...]

03 Dec, 2008

Water Supply Tunnels to New York City

Posted by: Skylar In: water

I just finished reading an interesting post from Pruned entitled “Deep-Sea Living in the Underground Tunnels of New York City”.  The post is inspired by a recent New York Times article describing a leak in one of the tunnels that brings water to New York City.  It’s an interesting read to say the least, particularly [...]

Over at, they posted a new world map showing aquifers throughout the world.  It’s good to see some organizations preparing to deal with possible future disputes over water scarcity. It’s also interesting to see the great variation within every continent on the map (besides Antarctica of course). [Global Groundwater Maps] via Water for the [...]

02 Oct, 2008

City of Cambridge and Nestle

Posted by: Skylar In: news|water

I think this article at The Record says it all: Officials from an association of bottled-drink manufacturers — and from Nestle, which runs water-bottling plants in Puslinch — told council there is no environmental justification to ban tightly regulated bottled water. Most bottles are recycled in Ontario, they said. Well, if NESTLE says it, then [...]

22 Sep, 2008

World map: the scarcity of water

Posted by: Skylar In: water

In an article by the Economist, they discuss the current shortage of water throughout the globe.  According to the article, Farming, which accounts for some 70% of human water consumption, offers the best opportunity for thrift. Repairing leaks and better irrigation in poor countries could help reduce wastage by up to 70%, as could switching [...]

19 Sep, 2008

Bottled Water – Editorial from the Record

Posted by: Skylar In: water

Only a few days ago, the Region of Waterloo agreed to ban the sale of bottled water in their buildings and at their events.  Now, I know that there was some people who didn’t like the idea.  Sure – why shouldn’t we be allowed to decide where we buy our drinking water?  Well, unfortunately people [...]

15 Sep, 2008

An Alternative for Fresh Water: Natural Desalination

Posted by: Skylar In: water

Charles Paton has created a design for a desalination greenhouse is entitled “Teatro del Agua”.  It’s a design that will be presented as an option for desalination in Spain’s Canary Islands. The process uses the temperature differential between the deep, cold seawater from the ocean and the warm air off the surface to produce freshwater [...]


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