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There’s been a lot of buzz lately about Wolfram|Alpha, which is a new way to find data online.  A classic google search uses only information taken directly from the web, but Wolfram Alpha takes a bunch of facts and figures and uses various mathematical formulas to provide you with enhanced information.  For the most part, [...]

The University of Texas & ASCE is hosting a workshop about the uses of computers and IT in the field of civil engineering.  According to their website, topics include: Sensing, Mobile/Wearable Computing, Life-cycle Assessment and Sustainable Infrastructure, Design, and Cutting Edge Development. These topics sound extremely interesting to me but alas the workshop is A) [...]

A short while ago, I posted about “Wintopo”, discussing how well it converts an image to a vector file for use in AutoCAD.  Since I was getting mixed results (particularly for more complex plans), I thought I’d do a little comparison between two different programs to see if I could get some more usable results. [...]

Vadlo is a relatively new search engine that was created specifically for Biology and Medical searches.  Interestingly enough, the search engine also turns up a significant amount of resources for people within the field of Civil Engineering.  For example, I tried a “seminar” search using “stormwater” as a keyword and was surprised to find a [...]

31 Oct, 2008

Speeding Up Civil3D

Posted by: Skylar In: Civil3d|technology

I’ve recently been using a slightly older laptop at work for various small tasks in civil 3d, and I’ve come to respect the benefits of a faster computer system.  Every time I try to change viewports or layout tabs, it takes at least double the time it would take on my former desktop computer.  However, [...]

1.0 Intro: When I first found out that AutoCAD was adding a catchment delineation tool to Civil 3D, I was pretty excited. In fact, this tool was one of the reasons why I thought it’d be a good idea to create my AutoCAD to EPA-SWMM script. If you don’t know where to find the catchment [...]

05 Oct, 2008

DeskTask brings MS Outlook to your desktop

Posted by: Skylar In: technology

If you’re working in the engineering industry, you most likely need to work in Microsoft Outlook at some point or another.  I’ve been able to make Outlook and my Blackberry work very well with my workflow, using meetings and outlook’s calendar functions alongside the tasks function.  If you use Outlook on a regular basis, you [...]

01 Oct, 2008

Using WinTopo to Vectorize Drawings

Posted by: Skylar In: technology

How many times have you been sent a drawing in print only to find out that an AutoCAD version is not available?  If your experience has been anything like mine, it happens all the time.  Sometimes the drawing was created before the AutoCAD era, and sometimes it was just sent by another consulting firm which [...]

I rely quite heavily on my rss feeds for information in the civil engineering industry as well as my local news.  Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that quite a few government websites don’t see the benefit of RSS.  However, I’m happy to inform you that RSS feeds can be created for us anyways.  A website called Dapper [...]

12 Aug, 2008

Dash – crowdsourcing traffic

Posted by: Skylar In: technology

Dash is a service that works sort of like an average GPS system. It can tell you where you are, and give you some different routes to get to a certain destination. The cool thing about it, though, is that it’s connected to the internet. The system can provide current gas prices at various locations, [...]


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