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26 Feb, 2009

Eng-Tips Roundup: Jan/Feb ‘09

Posted by: Skylar In: roundup

Sump Pump Runs Continuously Walkway step riser size Water main sewer main construction conflict Sewer Force Mains On Top of One Another Roof Drain to Infiltration Trench Area of pond in runoff calcs

01 Jan, 2009

Eng-tips Roundup – Dec ’08

Posted by: Skylar In: roundup

How long to put together set of plans? 12-hour/6-hour SCS Storm? Stormwater Inlet Grate – Clogging Efficiencies Storm sewers under the road vs gutter PVC vs HDPE Need Recommendation on Water System Network Software

22 Nov, 2008

Eng-Tips Roundup

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Storm curve number for gravel area Maximum common drive slope considering “icy” conditions? Commercial site paving tolerances Duckweed and pond evaporation Algae buildup in storage tank Silt control issues

07 Nov, 2008

CR4 Thread Roundup

Posted by: Skylar In: roundup

A short while ago, I posted my first ever “Eng-tips Roundup”.  Since posting that article, I’ve also been browsing around the CR4 forums, which has a relatively active engineering section as well.  So, in an effort to bring the best links from all over the web, here’s our first ever CR4 forum thread roundup: Sinking [...]

30 Oct, 2008

The First Ever “Eng-tips Roundup”

Posted by: Skylar In: roundup

I recently signed up to, which is a forum site dedicated to the engineering profession.  I’ve been fairly impressed with the people on the forums thus far, and it’s proven to be one of the better engineering resources available on the web.  As such, I’ve decided to start a new periodical called “Eng-tips Roundup” [...]


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