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16 Dec, 2008

Canada’s Aging Infrastructure

Posted by: Skylar In: news

A recent article in the Victoria times shows that people are considering infrastructure investments as a viable option for stimulating the residing economy.  The article points to the Conservative’s “Building Canada Plan”, which touts $33 billion in infrastructure spending throughout the next seven years. Yet some people don’t think it’s enough.  According to the article: [...]

10 Dec, 2008

2009 National Daniel W. Mead Contest

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For all you student members of ASCE, there is a contest now running for papers by undergraduate students who are both ASCE Student Chapter members and ASCE Society student members.  This year’s topic is “Sustainability and Civil Engineering”. Prizes range from $200 for 5th place to $1000 for first place.  So give it a go, [...]

30 Nov, 2008

Invasive Species in Chicago’s Waterways

Posted by: Skylar In: news

I just read an interesting article over at the Northwest Herald entitled “Growth of invasive species has engineers rethinking waterways”. The article talks about how invasive species, including the zebra mussel, Asain carp, and round goby have been causing big problems in the Mississippi river. The interesting part is that the problem is rooted in [...]

05 Nov, 2008

Is Toronto Secretly an Eco-Friendly City?

Posted by: Skylar In: news

According to a recent article from, Toronto ranks in as number two in their list of “Under-the-Radar Cities Worth a Visit”.  I just drove/walked through various spots throughout Toronto this past weekend, and let’s just say it doesn’t give off that “eco-friendly” vibe while simply touring around. Nonetheless, there is some merit to what [...]

05 Nov, 2008

A New President/CEO for Stantec

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Stantec is one of the most well-known names for consulting engineering in all of Canada.  So while I did not previously know who was previously the president of Stantec, it’s interesting news when Stantec announces a new president/CEO for the company.

23 Oct, 2008

Another Blog Post About the Economy

Posted by: Skylar In: news

So I was browsing around the Engineering News Record, and I found an article entitled “Construction Unemployment Soars As Housing Plunges”.  The article is touting an increase in unemployment within the construction industry.  In fact, it claims that the unemployment rate increased to 9.9% in September, up from last year’s rate of 5.8% (note that [...]

It’s no secret that I like the Dutch.  However, it’s not just because I was born of a rich Dutch ancestry.  The Dutch are continually impressing me with stories about what they can do with water.  In fact, thanks to their ingenuity with dikes, canals, and the like, about 60% of Holland’s population lives below [...]

Last week, I featured an article which discussed the City of Cambridge’s vote to allow bottled water in its meetings. Turns out that I am not the only one that had a problem with the article. Three 12-year-old students made a presentation to city council in an attempt to make them reconsider their decision: Stymiest [...]

02 Oct, 2008

City of Cambridge and Nestle

Posted by: Skylar In: news|water

I think this article at The Record says it all: Officials from an association of bottled-drink manufacturers — and from Nestle, which runs water-bottling plants in Puslinch — told council there is no environmental justification to ban tightly regulated bottled water. Most bottles are recycled in Ontario, they said. Well, if NESTLE says it, then [...]

26 Sep, 2008

Project 10 to the 100

Posted by: Skylar In: internet coverage|news

Google Inc.  is sponsoring a new competition to promote technologies that can improve the lives of those around the globe.  The company is offering $10 million dollars, split between up to five finalists who submit a google-worthy idea.  Here’s the challenge: If you have an idea that you believe would help somebody, we want to [...]


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