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Okay, had to post this: Infrastructure Trailer (Last Week Tonight With John Oliver) Originally part of the full 20 minute episode, which is well worth a watch if you have time! here.

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about Wolfram|Alpha, which is a new way to find data online.  A classic google search uses only information taken directly from the web, but Wolfram Alpha takes a bunch of facts and figures and uses various mathematical formulas to provide you with enhanced information.  For the most part, [...]

06 Apr, 2009

New blogroll and links page

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A few weeks ago I mentioned that I planned on adding some links and blogs to my site.  I’ve compiled a list that is in no way complete, but I think it’s a great starting point.  I’m going to introduce the list over a period of time to lighten the load and allow people time [...]

So, it seems like I jumped the gun by saying I could only add up to 15 results through the yahoo pipe.  A quick look at the comments on the original post about this yahoo pipe shows that there’s an argument in the twitter search api allowing you to specify the amount of tweets to [...]

22 Mar, 2009

Watermain Breaks Mapped via Twitter

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Pam Broviak recently commented on my original watermain + twitter post from a few days ago, asking if it’s possible to actually map out all the tweets about watermain breaks.  Well, yes it is possible.  And it’s actually quite easy, once I found a Yahoo! Pipe that automatically builds a google map out of a [...]

If you haven’t heard of David Zetland’s blog entitled “Aguanomics”, it’s a blog dedicated to water and the economics of water.  As it turns out, today he writes about the civil engineering profession in light of the New Orleans “failure”.  It’s a great post, and it’s a must read for anyone that is interested in [...]

22 Feb, 2009

Developing a new blogroll

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Ever since my post back at the very start of this blogging adventure, I’ve been expanding my list of civil engineering related blogs.  Since that post has not been updated since, I think it would be a good idea  to create a new page with a more comprehensive list of blogs and resources.  That way [...]

09 Jan, 2009

TVA Q&A on Sludge Spill

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Knoxnews has a Q&A page on the TVA sludge spill, along with the option of asking a question of your own.  Want to hear some answers? Visit for the full Q&A.

08 Jan, 2009

Am I a nerd for enjoying this video?

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ACEC California has uploaded a new video attempting to recruit bright new talent: Again I ask: Am I a nerd for enjoying this video? [via SullivanKreiss]

Vadlo is a relatively new search engine that was created specifically for Biology and Medical searches.  Interestingly enough, the search engine also turns up a significant amount of resources for people within the field of Civil Engineering.  For example, I tried a “seminar” search using “stormwater” as a keyword and was surprised to find a [...]


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