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Okay, had to post this: Infrastructure Trailer (Last Week Tonight With John Oliver) Originally part of the full 20 minute episode, which is well worth a watch if you have time! here.

03 Jan, 2010

Officially Overseas

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It’s been a long time since I’ve posted.  A very long time.  That said, I’m going to chalk it up to one major event that has been occurring in my life over these past few months.  A little while ago, my wife and I decided that we’d really like to move overseas and see the [...]

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21 Mar, 2009

E-Quip Blog on Proposal Writing

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I’ve been sitting on this one for a while, but I still feel a need to share these articles with my readers.  Back in February (I know – time flies!), Mel Lester from E-Quip Blog wrote a series of articles on proposal writing.  The first article is entitled “Tired Yet of Mediocre Proposals?”, and focuses [...]

27 Feb, 2009

Friday Fun – Feb 27

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For the weekend, here’s two bits of fun: The Drainage Problem that grew to 94 feet. Styrofoam packing peanuts as backfill. Alright, that’s it.  Have a great weekend!

So this is my first post in three weeks.  No, I haven’t been busy – I’ve been on Vacation.  So upon my arrival home, here’s a summary of news I would have posted about if I was around. Both the American Water Resources Association and the American Society of Civil Engineers have started releasing podcasts [...]

16 Dec, 2008

Quebec Consultants Can Be Chosen Solely by Merit

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From the Canadian Consulting Engineer: Since October 1, consulting engineers in Quebec have been accorded the right to be selected on the sole basis of their competence and qualifications — not price — for government projects related to health, education or transportation. This is an interesting concept for the consulting industry.  In some ways, the [...]

The Institution of Civil Engineers has provided the book entitled “200 Questions and Answers on Practical Civil Engineering Works” by Vincent Chu free for download on their website.  The book includes 12 sections focusing on the different types of civil engineering works, including: bridge works, drainage works, earthworks, roadworks, pumping stations, water retaining structures and [...]

17 Oct, 2008

Friday Fun

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It’s friday, so I thought I’d share a link I’ve come across with some good ol’ engineering jokes.  Some you might know, and some may prove to be a great new joke for around the water cooler.  Here’s one I hadn’t heard before: A pastor, a doctor and an engineer were waiting one morning for [...]

Despite the fact that I just graduated from 4 years of university, I still love to learn.  Unfortunately, as an undergraduate student in civil engineering it was impossible to take every course offered by my department.  The good news is that there’s a fair collection of coursewares that can be downloaded for free from various [...]

18 Sep, 2008

Video: Culvert collapses

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This is an interesting video for all us civil engineers out there. Watch as this road collapses after some regional flooding in Freeport, Maine. [Freeport Road Collapse] – via


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