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21 Mar, 2009

E-Quip Blog on Proposal Writing

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I’ve been sitting on this one for a while, but I still feel a need to share these articles with my readers.  Back in February (I know – time flies!), Mel Lester from E-Quip Blog wrote a series of articles on proposal writing.  The first article is entitled “Tired Yet of Mediocre Proposals?”, and focuses on the sad state of proposals in the industry today.  Mel claims that despite advances in the look of proposals (partially due to technology and marketing firms),

The more important qualities of an effective proposal are (1) strong content that is (2) presented efficiently. In these areas, I’ve not seen that much improvement over the last 20 years.

His second post, entitled “Proposals: Two Chances to Shine” he discusses two strategies that can improve your proposal writing.  The two key issues that he cites are “Client Focus” and “Skimmability”.  If you’re looking for some help with your technical writing skills, this is a good article to read.

Lastly, in “Proposals: How David Slays Goliath” Mel presents a case study in proposal writing.  The case study is a proposal he assisted with at a company that was “at a terrible disadvantage with the client determining that our qualifications didn’t even merit receiving the RFP!”  Read the article to learn how you can use a proposal to leverage your company when you’re the underdog.

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