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02 Mar, 2009

Aguanomics on the Civil Engineering Profession

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If you haven’t heard of David Zetland’s blog entitled “Aguanomics”, it’s a blog dedicated to water and the economics of water.  As it turns out, today he writes about the civil engineering profession in light of the New Orleans “failure”.  It’s a great post, and it’s a must read for anyone that is interested in the subject of civil engineering and it’s public image.

Much of the post is taken from a letter by Professor Raymond B. Seed, which reflects upon the incident and the current state of the engineering profession.  One of my favourite parts of the letter is both inspiring and eye-opening:

I have spent my life working to inspire young people to enter this field (that I consider so wondrous), and trying to provide them with the knowledge and tools to perform well in this exciting profession. I thought that was enough, but I was mistaken. I did not realize that they also needed the opportunity to work in a field of good ethics. I took that for granted, as most civil engineers work at something that they love, and are generally underpaid for the level of effort and expertise that they bring to bear; a recipe for attracting unusually moral and ethical individuals.

Read the rest here (you won’t regret it!):

[Engineers Doing It Right]

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