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28 Jan, 2009

ASCE Infrastructure Report Card ’09

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Today the American Society of Civil Engineers revealed their 2009 report card for America’s infrastructure.  The report card provides an overall grade of D, and ASCE estimates that $2.2 trillion over 5 years will be required to fund all the repairs and upgrades needed.

For an additional synopsis, check out this post at the official blog of ASCE government relations (Our Failing Infrastructure).  Also try this post from the same blog, which links to some of the news stories focusing on the infrastructure report card.

An interesting comment from the original blog post at Our Failing Infrastructure (by Bob Mueller):

These letter grades are all well and good, but how are the rest of the students doing? For example, how do the individual states rate? What about other countries? How does the US compare to say, France, Great Britain, Canada, or Germany?

I agree – there is no comparison for the rating system, and there’s no information on where funding would be best suited.  More information would be much appreciated.

2009 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure

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1 | Jordan Lubetkin

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