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16 Dec, 2008

Canada’s Aging Infrastructure

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A recent article in the Victoria times shows that people are considering infrastructure investments as a viable option for stimulating the residing economy.  The article points to the Conservative’s “Building Canada Plan”, which touts $33 billion in infrastructure spending throughout the next seven years.

Yet some people don’t think it’s enough.  According to the article:

Perrault’s federation estimates that cities would need at least $123 billion to bring essential public infrastructure up to acceptable levels and an additional $115 billion to build infrastructure to meet the needs of a growing population.

Within that $123 billion, the federation estimates that $31 billion would be needed for water and waste water systems, $21.7 billion for roads, sidewalks and bridges, $22.8 billion for public transit, $7.7 billion for waste management and $40.2 billion for community, recreational, cultural and social infrastructure.

And it’s not just here in Canada.  According to the ASCE website, it estimates that $1.6 trillion is needed to bring US infrastructure up to par.

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