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11 Nov, 2008

Vadlo – Search for Online Biology and Medical Resources

Posted by: Skylar In: internet coverage|technology

Vadlo is a relatively new search engine that was created specifically for Biology and Medical searches.  Interestingly enough, the search engine also turns up a significant amount of resources for people within the field of Civil Engineering.  For example, I tried a “seminar” search using “stormwater” as a keyword and was surprised to find a significant return of powerpoint presentations about stormwater and it’s related fields.  The results are most impressive because a majority of the results are taken from respectable sources (ie. government and educational institutions) which would look great in a reference list.

Other relavent searches that worked well: wastewater, water treatment, hydrology, urban water, sustainable development, water resources

For more civil engineering resources, check out our post on Open Courseware for Civil Engineers.

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