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05 Nov, 2008

Is Toronto Secretly an Eco-Friendly City?

Posted by: Skylar In: news

According to a recent article from, Toronto ranks in as number two in their list of “Under-the-Radar Cities Worth a Visit”.  I just drove/walked through various spots throughout Toronto this past weekend, and let’s just say it doesn’t give off that “eco-friendly” vibe while simply touring around.

Nonetheless, there is some merit to what the article says.  Toronto has adopted some impressive strategies for green development in the city.  Here’s a snapshot of their environmental initiatives from the City of Toronto website:

And it’s not just the city’s initiatives that make the city green.  The Toronto Zoo has announced that it would like to be a future leader in conservation education.  The city also hosts an annual Green Toronto Festival. Heck, a bus stop in Toronto has even been spotted with a green roof!  And more recently, some people have shown their love for a tree even after it has died and fallen to the ground (OK, that one’s not actually about being green).

Who’d have thought that I live just a short drive away from a city that’s so devoted to being environmentally friendly?

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