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31 Oct, 2008

Speeding Up Civil3D

Posted by: Skylar In: Civil3d|technology

I’ve recently been using a slightly older laptop at work for various small tasks in civil 3d, and I’ve come to respect the benefits of a faster computer system.  Every time I try to change viewports or layout tabs, it takes at least double the time it would take on my former desktop computer.  However, since I’m stuck with a laptop whenever I’m not around the office or at home, I thought I’d just have to live with it.

So isn’t it just amazing that just this week the Ontario Civil3D Users Group came out with a post all about speeding up you civil3d installation?

Now, certainly there are quite a few references to more obvious solutions (at least for those who are a bit more familiar with computers).  Yes, you should get more ram, check the swap file size, free up hard disk space, etc.  However, the real gems for myself came out nearer to the end of the post, where he covers some commands that I have never even heard of before now.  Including (but not limited to): LAYOUTREGENCTL, INDEXCTL, and REGEN options.

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