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06 Oct, 2008

Making the Most of Small Spaces – Stormwater in L.A.

Posted by: Skylar In: Stormwater

I just finished reading an interesting article over at, which covers two projects that are dedicated to the improvement of stormwater quality in Los Angeles County.

The first project uses the area below a recreational park to collect and infiltrate water, which maintains water quality while recharging the local groundwater:

At the northern, upstream side of the 23-acre park, water flows into 13 catch basins, Bapna says. From there, pipes lead through a series of three underground treatment units. One unit is designed to extract metals. The other two are hydrodynamic separators, which are installed in parallel. Both take out oil, trash, grease, and suspended solids.

The water is tested 10 feet below ground to be sure it’s within acceptable standards, then piped into one of two underground infiltration basins. These floorless concrete structures allow the treated water to soak into the ground. They cover about 1.5 acres under the park.

The second project is a manmade stream that moves water through a one mile long streambed that allows water to slowly infiltrate as it travels the length of the stream.

“The stream can take up to 25 cubic feet of water out of the channel per second,” Jordan says. That’s as much as 325,000 gallons of water a day. Once it’s recharged, it can supply water to 760 families of four for a year.

The water will be good quality, too, says Bapna. “The groundwater in this area is about 200 feet below the surface, and the deeper it is, the better for removing pollutants.”

To read more on these projects, you can see the article here.

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