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07 Oct, 2008

Kids attempt to talk some sense into Cambridge Council – and fail

Posted by: Skylar In: news

Last week, I featured an article which discussed the City of Cambridge’s vote to allow bottled water in its meetings. Turns out that I am not the only one that had a problem with the article. Three 12-year-old students made a presentation to city council in an attempt to make them reconsider their decision:

Stymiest said disposable bottles are a waste, and not all of them are recycled. Tahir said bottles use energy and oil to make and transport what often is just tap water.

Wow, very insightful.  Let’s see what Coun. Ben Tucci has to say about it:

“From what I heard tonight, the bottling companies have a significant job to do in terms of education,” said Coun. Ben Tucci, who has opposed picking on water bottles over other containers, including pop bottles.

Well put, Ben. Sounds like the bottling companies have done a great job educating you, anyways.

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