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05 Oct, 2008

DeskTask brings MS Outlook to your desktop

Posted by: Skylar In: technology

Outlook on the desktop

Outlook on the desktop

If you’re working in the engineering industry, you most likely need to work in Microsoft Outlook at some point or another.  I’ve been able to make Outlook and my Blackberry work very well with my workflow, using meetings and outlook’s calendar functions alongside the tasks function.  If you use Outlook on a regular basis, you may be interested in a program called “DeskTask”, which displays all your upcoming calendar events and tasks from Outlook directly on your computer’s desktop.  This is nice for anyone who would rather not peruse through their Outlook folders just to review their tasks and meetings.  In fact, with this program installed, a simple “WIN & D” keyboard shortcut will have you staring at your meeting and task list right away.

DeskTask Puts Outlook Events and Tasks on Your Desktop [via Lifehacker]

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