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18 Sep, 2008

Open (free!) Courseware for Civil Engineers

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Despite the fact that I just graduated from 4 years of university, I still love to learn.  Unfortunately, as an undergraduate student in civil engineering it was impossible to take every course offered by my department.  The good news is that there’s a fair collection of coursewares that can be downloaded for free from various places on the ‘net.  It’s always been interesting to see how different schools will approach the same topic from different angles.

Here’s a list of some good sources for those courses you missed (sorry, I can think of nothing else that rhymes with courses):

1. MIT Open Courseware

By far the best resource for civil engineering coursewares.  Of the few online courses offered in the field of civil engineering, most of them can be found on this site.  It’s just a superb site – you need to click on that link asap.

2. The Online books Page – UPenn

A searchable directory of textbooks and publications, presented to you by the University of Pennsylvania.  There’s a good selection of texts that may be of interest to those in the field of civil engineering.  Take for example, this query for “water”

3. Penn State’s CE 433 – Subdivision Design

I’m not even sure if this page is intentionally left open to the public or not, but here it is.  This link has the course materials for CE 433 – Residential Subdivision Design and Construction, which is one essential course for anyone who works in the field of municipal engineering.  Great reference material.

4. Tuft’s Introduction to GIS

The only civil-related course I could find on Tuft’s website, this course focuses on GIS technology..

Honourable Mentions:

Queensland University – Coastal Engineering Resources

Princeton University – Archived Lectures (do a search in your browser for “Engineering” to find the only 2 articles related to the field)

For those in structures:

#1 and #2 from above are also great references for those in structures.  Also check out:

Civil Engineering Department at Texas A&M

Strength of Materials at UW

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1 | urbanworkbench

September 21st, 2008 at 7:11 pm


Thanks for compiling this list, it’s good to revisit some of these sites and see what’s on offer for continuing education purposes.

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