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26 Aug, 2008

Windsor and Water Bottles

Posted by: Skylar In: water

The Windsor Star printed an article about the large consumption of bottled water in the city.  The article makes a few good points about water consumption and water bottles.

First of all, the consumption of bottled water causes a large mass of pollution when compared to a municipal source.  Consider the fuel to transport the bottles and the hydrocarbons to make the plastic bottles.

Secondly, the regulations on bottled water are not as strict, which means you are putting yourself at a higher risk when drinking water from a bottle (not to mention the possible health risks associated with the plastics used in the bottles themselves).

Lastly, the article quotes that:

bottled water costs at least $1 compared to just $0.00013 per glass of municipal water.

I also noticed an interesting fact about Windsor:

Windsor tap water, which undergoes an ozonation purification process is “renowned around the world” for its quality, according to a Windsor Utilities Commission spokeswoman.

Who’d have known that Windsor had such good water?

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