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01 Aug, 2008

The Start of Civil Engineering @

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So one of my first ever engineering tasks at my current consulting firm was to create a quantity takeoff for various items on a project.  The part where I was having some difficulty was where a quantity in Tonnes was required for asphalt, Granular ‘A’ and Granular ‘B’.  I needed to know the density of these three materials, so I immediately hit up a google search, only to find nothing.  There were a bunch of research papers on the required compacted density of asphalt, etc. but nowhere does it state the approximate unit weight of anything.

I find this kind of mind boggling.  Throughout my life on computers, everytime I have a problem with any software at all, within about 5 minutes I’ve found a page with a possible solution to my problem.  However, with anything related to Engineering, it’s much, much harder to find.  Well, I think that should change.  So here I am, ready to tell you all about my learnings as a young engineer, and hopefully spread some of the engineering love throughout the internet.

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